Sunday, July 18, 2010

Index Finger vs Ring Finger

Recently, my life was totally miserable and depraved!
I was bored even if i was watching The L Word and surfing the Internet for the whole day.
Anyway, this is all about The L Word.

I wonder since when i have come across this series.
Hmm......Yes, i came across with it from a post by Xi Nic regarding one matter being brought out in the First Season of The L Word.
It was concerning the saying of the tendency of someone turning into a gay or lesbian can be seen through by comparing the length of both index finger and ring finger.
Would a person with longer ring finger than index finger prone to be a gay? Well...that seems crazy for me. >_<
However, this had certainly grabbed my attention! That's why I had been trying to get this series.
Well, luckily to have a friend of mine, she was able to get me the DVDs...Now, I enjoy watching this series.

Now that I've finished watching the First Season of The L Word, I am looking forward to finish the second.^^ *Excitedly*
Skipping class, staying at home, enjoying the show!
By the way, how on earth could they grab Dana away from me?!!!!!! T__T
Well, I love Dana more than Shane! <---- Specially to Xi Nic

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