Monday, May 9, 2011


Finally finished watching TLW.
Kinda frustrated with the ending, because this is not the ending that i want.
Sarah Shahi, why did you left the series!! Gosh, i miss Carmen and Shane.
No doubt, in real, SS was the one who made the series turned out to be like this.
But for me, Carmen is pitiful ss she is such an adorable girl. How can Shane hurt people like this!

I have to admit that i am fond to Season 1-3 only.
Though i like to watch Alice and Tasha, also Helena. Yet, Jenny is making me freak out!
How nasty she is! Just can't forgive her for what she did to everybody.
She is hurting every of her friend, but act as if what she does is right. Fuxk!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Till Season4

Finally, I've finish watched TLW Season 4.
There is someone who makes me feel annoyed!
JENNY, she is the one. What she wrote was terrible and her act was like setting all her friends up. Jenny? Jessie? Bette? Bev? Tina? Nina? Damn it!!!
I just can't bear with it.(Although this is only her character in TLW, i still not able to accept it.) What a GOOD FRIEND, huh?! =_=

Start to like Helena, she has a great and nice body shape. However, her life seems miserable when she was "addicted" to gaming after she met with Catherine. WTF! Losing money and losing her pride as a woman. I mean she was like a maid when she lived with Catherine. Catherine is treating Helena as a/an ________? Shit!! How can she do this to Helena!!!!????

Tasha and Alice, a sweet couple before Tasha was asked to go back to Iraq. Can't forget their sex scene, which was really hot and sexy. Anyway, there was a surprise when DANA showed up in a few minutes in the last episode of Season 4. I miss DANA soooooo much~~~

Gonna stop watching TLW for a short period...Preparing for assignments and gatherings are more important...LOLZ

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dislike him!!!!!

The L Word Third Season was really a heartrending one! Pity Carmen! I just can't accept that Shane's action who actually escape from her wedding! How could Shane give up such a lovely wife!? Damn Shane's father!! He's the one who influenced Shane.

The McCutcheon family! The McCutcheon genes! Gabriel McCutcheon is a typical Casanova! Shit! Causing Shane's heel-dragging and make her gave up the relationship with Carmen. I hate this man!!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Simple Plan - Crazy

Simple Plan - Crazy

At first, I didn't even know there is this existence of this song. Not until one day, I opened Song Folder in my lappy and randomly chose this song to listen as if it can be used as background music for one of my assignment, sort of tourists' travel destination documentary. Then, I was totally freak

It's so meaningful!!! Especially when I look at the current issues and happenings in the world...(Yeah, I do mean the Malaysian society to be honest!) The lyrics matches so much with the current condition of the world and society.

I miss Dana...T__T

Where should I start for this post? Well, you know what......I guess I am just being emotional because of Dana's death. Kinda upset when Dana finally lost in the battle of Cancer and she left the world without company by anyone, not even her best friend - Alice. Dana has been my favorite role in The L Word since the first season. I will sure miss her T___T

Actually, there is really an interesting issue in the third season. It's regarding the transition of a female to become a male. Casting by Daniela Sea, Moira or Max has really grabbed my attention. In the series, Kit says to Moira that she will lose the most gifted thing of her by turning to be a man. I remember the gist of the conversation - the transition will perish Moira chance being a woman, which is the most precious thing for a woman. Kit's saying is true for me! Being a woman is good and women do experience more than men do, such as having menstruation. There is a saying "No Pain, No Gain", isn't it?!(Well, I think it apply to the menstrual matter here :P)

By the way, though I had been told by X something concerning Shane and Carmen's relationship. It won't be long-lasting as I wish to, I guess. Nevertheless, I am still excited and looking forward to watch for Shane-Carmen's wedding ceremony. So touched when both Shane and Carmen were blessed by their family members. If this is to happen in Malaysia, I bet there will be one out of hundreds who will get bless from his/her family. Majority of the Asians can be drawn an equal sign to Conservative Mindset. Well, I am not criticizing anybody. In fact, I am just giving out facts and reality of the society.

Guess that I have talked too much, so I will keep my mouth shut until I come across with other interesting or argumentative matters. Till then, I won't talk about anything else, except that I will miss Dana very much. T____T