Friday, July 9, 2010

D' FirST EPiSodE oF The L Word

The L Word - I am totally spending my precious time for you!
A few hours after I got the DVDs, I had been sacrificing all the energy and time for it.
Had a "Not Bad" thought for the first episode of the series...though i might had felt a little bit of astonishment.

Never ever seen gay-sex, practically.
Well, i mean......i might have read some gay-stories and tried to......imagine wtf. >.<
Don't misunderstand me! Curiosity exists in everybody. 
What kind of person would potentially to be considered as a lecher or pervert?
Only God knows the answer.

How on earth can a series to have so much of porno scenes in just an episode? Wtf...
Really had great impact on my mind after seeing such striking scenes......*HELP*
I am gonna have a hard sleep tonight. *CRY-ing*

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