Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Heading to......

Time doesn't wait for anyone.
The world is fair to each of us, the residents who live in the Earth.
Without realizing, my university life has almost come to an end. [Well, actually i still have one more year to go. XD] Hahh, just forget about it! LOL...
Frankly, i start to feel the tension of my future life. To be more accurate, the working life.
What i have learned so far throughout the university life is suppose to be the precious and useful asset for me, but the point is, what have i learned?
Hey, wait a minute! I didn't say that nothing i have learned in these three years, ok?
Just that what i have learned is more than i can say. May be to a certain extent, it is more than i can realize.
In short, i learned to become a good person. [That's what i think, others may not agree with me though.]
In fact, i am still learning, to be a better person.
Well, guys. Wish me luck, ok? Thanks^^

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