Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mastering the languages isn't easy

How long have this blog been abandoned? All these while i was blogging in Chinese. Frankly, i wish to write more in English. Nevertheless, it has always come to nothing. What is the reason contributing to this? Who can tell? Even i too, do not understand the reason not blogging in English.

I saw one of my Internet friend's blog (which is in Chinese blog) saying that he has made some kind of funny misunderstanding while chatting with his girlfriend through the MSN. It is true that languages has to be practised continuously. There is no exception for any language. Practice makes perfect, that is what my English tuition teacher, Aunt Josephine has been telling me. Languages is unlike other subjects which can be learned in just a short period. In fact, languages might be a life-long subject for us. One can actually learn to use certain language but the hard thing is to maintain it, not to mention in mastering it. I'm afraid i am currently facing the same thing too.

I know a few languages. Yet, there is lacking of chances for me to use them. Is that contributing to my poorer and poorer mastering of languages? I know how to write in Chinese, English, Malay and a little bit in Japanese. Plus, i can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Malay, Japanese, in which some of the languages might mot be fluent enough to be considered as i am expert in that. Besides that, i can also speak a little of Hakka and Hokkien. Thanks to my mom and my friends for teaching me the languages! Hmm..i think i should think ways to improve my mastering of those languages..


  1. This is really my first time reading a passage from you, in English.

  2. To Yenjai,

    Didn't realise yenjai came