Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Work Hard & Smart

Time doesn't wait for anyone. This is the unchangeable rule of life for each and everyone in this world. Nobody can be excluded from growing older and older. I have learned this from my mother. I am growing older, so do my mother. Too bad, she is weaker. The world is round. Things are changing every moment. Human's life is showing the best example on the uncontrollable changing rule.

A baby is born. Then, it will turn to be a child. He receives love and care from his parents. He will grow to be a teenager. He then fall in love, and will get married. He will have his own children. The same steps done by his parents will be followed by him and his wife to raise their children up. He will need to work hard for the sake of his own family as well as his parents. His parents are old, having different kinds of sickness, and yet still care for their children. His parents grow old and will pass away one day. He will continue with his life, with his own family. Soon, he will grow old and his children will grow up. He will find his children are doing what he did for his parents. His children will take care of him and his wife until the day they hold the last breath. This is life! People can't be excluded from all these although situations might be different for each and everyone of us.

Since the accident happened on mother, i have realized that mother is less energetic and capable in doing many things. She broke her arm, seriously. She had undergone physiotherapy sessions for approximately half a year. Till that she was fully guaranteed by doctor that she need not go for more physiotherapy session, father and i were sending her to hospital each week for a physiotherapy treatment. From what i have seen since mother broke her arm, i definitely understand the importance of family's support and care. I praise my father for being concern and caring for mother. I was touched by father's true love for my mother even though he didn't spell out his love verbally.

I love my father and my mother. They are great parents! I appreciate what they have sacrificed for me. I think it's time for me to repay them. They have really sacrificed too much for me, and they deserve to live their entire lives without worries. And i know, i should make sure that! Work hard for a brighter future, by getting at good results for my studies in the first place. Aiming to get a place to graduate at first-class degree holder position so that i can change the loan status to be scholarships status. Work hard and work smart!! I am looking for a whole new world of mine!!


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