Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Law & Finance

Entrepreneurial law, or entrepreneurial legal aspects, is the most torturing subject for me in this semester. Seriously, i hate to be dull. I am not good in memorizing those dull facts!! Though they are true facts, i hate to memorize. I still remember what Pn. Lau had told me during my secondary school time - Never memorize formulas! I have been holding to this philosophy until this moment. Can this be applied to a law subject? I'm afraid it can't. Due to this subject, i have been eating a lot. Just to release my tension!! I can't take it anymore!! Stressed up!!

The second paper is entrepreneurial finance. Another subject which i hatred very much!!! I am not good in memorizing, i tell you. But this subject requires me to memorize those formulas, or equations in order to answer for final exam. Oh my goodness, it can really kill me then. Frankly, i did not pay attention during class. I shouldn't be blamed anyway. No one understands what lecturer was teaching. He is like those so-called Professor Madya characters. He is a typical one, Professor Madya, who teaches nothing to his students. Final exam merely counts on ourselves. Another problem for me! A big one!!

Well, i think i need to stop complaining. I am lacking of time to study!! Law, Finance, you both are making me crazy....@@"

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