Sunday, March 15, 2009

Forgot who am i

Suddenly i feel like i want to write something about myself.
I started to forget:
Who i am?
Where did i come from?
How old am i?
How did i come along until this level?
So how am i suppose to tell myself about who i am?

I am Yeng Yeng. An ordinary but doesn't want to be the ordinary Ipoh girl, who comes from a family consists of my father and my mother. I was born in 1987, in the ninth month. Yes, a typical Virgo girl! I am a perfectionist!! I want the best thing, i want my self to be the best among the best. WTF, this is the reason why i lost myself! Let me do what Michael Wong has been singing - I am who i am......Got it!!!??? Still, didn't get it...>.< How stupid i am!!!