Saturday, April 11, 2009

Time is flying;I am hesitating

Time is flying. Yet, i am still hesitating.
I told daddy and mummy that i am going to face a big academic challenge this semester.
They did not really believe me. Though what i said is a truth.
I regretted. I was regretting. I had been regretting.
I regret. I am regretting. I have been regretting.
What did i do to myself?
Why did i put myself into this situation?
I should not be involved in so much activities.
I should not be the leader for the group project.
I should not be the assistant director of the event.
Just because of the everlasting activities, group projects and event, i did something unbearable!
I gave up in mid-semester exams and quizzes.
Unforgivable! Unbearable!
I hatred myself.
Consequently, i lost my mind.
Frankly, i was so stressed up until i hide myself in the virtual world.
Trying to release my tension by chatting with people that we never met before.
More stress equals to more online time.
More online time equals to more stress.
Why am i getting this kind of addiction??? It is so tiring.
I just want to study hard for my future. Yet, i am not sure the probability of success.

1 comment:

  1. haiz. me too.
    I'm very scare and nervous.
    exam is coming soon but haven start study. OMG
    somemore cant find a way to release tension.