Sunday, December 14, 2008

Please drive carefully

I am writing this post just to remind all the people out there.
Please drive carefully.
Yesterday, i just scolded one of my friend who was in a car accident.
Her incident actually put me in consternation.
I was shocked and i could not help her.
She was blaming herself for putting herself in that situation.
She blamed herself for giving trouble to her family.
She cried. And she kept on crying.
What can we do to help her? NOTHING.
There is nothing we can do to help her.
I did scold her for blaming herself. Do i have the power to do that?
Frankly, i don't know. I don't want to know, either.
Now i just want to remind you people out there.
Always pay your full attention while you are on the road.
Just keep in mind that people who love you are still around.

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