Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Taste Good!!!

Feeling hungry? Yeah, you should be.
By the way, i am feeling hungry too.
I am not trying to promote anything. (You have to be clear about this, lolx..)
Well, just want to keep this picture in my memory.
It is delicious, yummy, and you know what? I like it very much.
I like its packaging since i first saw it. Attractive!!!
Yeah, it is cute! (Well, you know. Girls love cutey things.)
The taste of the biscuits is......actually, okay......
It is a sandwich-type biscuits as you can see from the picture.
The special part is that when you eat it, the salty taste of the biscuits and the sweet taste of the strawberry fill will combine together, and it gives you a chemical burst in your mouth!!! (Haha...i bet i am too bombastic in describing the feeling......you won't dare to eat it, right!?)
Well, no matter what......i am just writing this out to be stored in my memory.


  1. why did English blog become a food blog huh?

    Make sure no melamine added hor?

  2. Upgrading it to a food blog...LOLX