Thursday, January 1, 2009


Yesterday was 2009 new year eve. I did attend my classes.
The first session was at 8am while the second one was at 9.30am.
Actually, i didn't know that my Zetty sensei was so kind(as i feel so far).
I did enjoy with my Japanese second class(the first one with Zetty sensei) to my consternation because one of my senior told me that she is a strict teacher.
Well, to be glad, so far so good.

She ended her class at 9.15am. Then, i rushed to my second session for the day.
It was the Business Growth class conducted solely by Mr. Ooi Yeng Keat, the very most frightening character as i have met before.
However, i was so enjoyed during his second class on yesterday.
Less tension! What a bless!

Now it is already 7.45 in the morning, 1st of January, 2009.
I woke up too early and therefore, i decided to blog about the feeling that i am having right now.
Actually, this is the first time i need to attend class on the 1st of January(normally new year is holiday in my hometown).
I will need to start my class at 9.30am later.
There will be 3 sessions for today~~Public Speaking, Human Resource Management and also Business Law.
Hopefully, my condition can cope with today's classes, though i don't feel well right now.

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