Friday, July 11, 2008


Just to blog about what i have seen a few days back.
In this add-drop week, i got to see something really shocking, full of consternation.
Imagine a few hundreds (or probably almost a thousand) of students trying to do the add drop.
Regardless of what semester they are in, when they need to do the add drop, they just use a method ~~~ PUSH, PULL, KICK, SCREAM, SCOLD, BEAT...
You may use whatever method get into the computer lab as long as you are capable to.
I don't understand! UUM is a management school.
Why can't we see any management in dealing with this add drop system?
Hundreds of people with a computer lab???
What a mess here???
Management school?
You may want to rename it as "Highly-needed management school"!!!


  1. haha...i agree with you! It is very true. I am the one of hundreds who involved in this stupid add drop. What management school? i really can't see the management.

  2. This type of the add drop system = rubbish+ useless system!!
    All of the students bcum sardin...