Thursday, July 17, 2008


E-commerce is not a new term for us. We know that people can transact through the internet. From B-2-B, B-2-C, or even B-2-G, all these are just showing that how e-commerce has been so successful in the present business world. But i had just come across an interesting topic. Last night, my e-commerce lecturer told us many thing related to the e-commerce.

First of all, does anyone have any idea why McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino Pizza... have so many customers and gain so much support from our local people? May be you won't be noticing this if i don't mention here. Actually, one of the main reason is the layout, design, and color of the outlets. Did you notice that all the businesses that i mention above are using red, yellow, blue...colors in their outlets' design? According to my lecturer, RED color can stimulate humans' appetite. And this is supported by experiments and researches. Wow, it is eye-opening!!!

Then, it comes to "taste" case!!! Actually, have anybody ever think of how people sell fruits and perfume by using the e-commerce system? Just imagine if you are one of the customer who wants to buy fruits online. How are you going to know too what level the fruits in the online market is in? What size is it? How nice it taste? No one can know the exact taste or size of the fruit, right? Then, how do those businessmen do their online business selling fruits? Let me tell you again! In Holland, a country which is famous with its agricultural business, has the solution for this problem. It has some high-technology equipments in helping to set a standard of taste and size for their production. Standardized!!! Another eye-opener...

After listening to my lecturer's explanation(or actually is information), i feel that it is very crucial for us to be well informed in world happenings. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!

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