Sunday, April 6, 2008

Be prepared before you go for an interview!

Given an offer for applying a local scholarship, I am blessed.
However, it is just an offer for application.
Nothing is certain.
I know.
Wish for it.
A friend told me that i have to be prepared for the interview session.
Preparing for those common, yet tricky questions.
You have to be outstanding among your competitors.
How can you do that?

Well, you may want to try this...
1. Think and guess what kind of questions will they ask.
2. Think of those common and dull answers. Wait a minute! This step should be avoided during your preparation process.
3. Based on those questions which they probably will ask, you have to think of the answers which
are creative. What I mean here is, your answers shouldn't be rather same as those others may easily think about.
4. With all your answers, head for the interview session!

1 comment:

  1. walao, I never expect you to write my words in your blog!

    Anyway, the question you prepared before hand may not be useful as they will be asked in the interview for sure. However, from what I learnt from preparation for interview is, you will definitely gain confidence because you are PREPARED!

    CONFIDENCE gives you courage to speak up, no matter how hard you struggle in your broken English. CONFIDENCE allows your enthusiasm and passion overwhelm your mind.

    Yeng Yeng, dont devaluate any other competitors also, no matter what race they are, malay ke chinese ke. Don't compare yourself with them also. The main thing is you have to win yourself, not them. If you can win yourself, you will win the interviewers' heart as well. Trust me.

    Just set your goal and go for it!