Sunday, March 30, 2008

Process Writing

Process Writing ---
Do you know what it is about?
The process of writing an essay!!!
If i were to write essays under this kind of process during my secondary school days, i would better kill myself.
I do mean it!!
Kill me first before i kill myself.
Without knowing the purpose of undergoing this process, we were forced to follow what the authorities have said.
Write your 1st draft, then give to your friends to check.
Next, modify your 1st draft according to the corrections from your friends, and come out with your 2nd draft.
Do the same as step 1!
Then, hand in to your lecturer to check for errors.
After that, you will get your draft 1 and draft 2 from your lecturer.
You will then write the 3rd draft!
Undergoing the same process, then you will prepare for your final copy.
Finally, hand in all the 4 essays (Draft 1,2,3 and Final Copy).
Finish!!!!!The process of writing!