Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Desperately hoping for it!

Life is really lethargic.
6 hours of sleep, cumulated for two days.
I think i am going to die very soon.
I was in consternation when i heard that there would be no more places for the subjects which i needed desperately.
3 subjects, at a single glance, all gone.
What the hell is going on?
It is heart-broken when you look at the thing that you want lost in just a simple glance.
Oh my god...
Praying hard for the subjects...
Repaid by a huge disappointment...
Life is really tiring.
This is a reality!
Even when you work extra hard, when you give extra passion on something, it doesn't appear that what you have done gives you what you actually hope.
This is my case.
Having known this bad news, i am down into a dilemma.
Hopefully the other subjects which i wish to add are still available!


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  3. consternation? Wasei! Start seeing bombastic words in your blog already! Stressing man! Hahaha...

    Well, some hot modules may be good modules. You just have to believe, God gives you the best. You may get something extra from the modules you dont like instead. You can.