Tuesday, March 18, 2008

English, please forgive me!!!!!!!!

I have been writing Chinese blog all this while.
I shouldn't do this anymore.
I have ignored my English blog.
How can i do this to myself having known that my English is not good enough??
If i were to continue to ignore my English, i am sure that i won't be able to speak, write, read, or listen to English anymore.
If i were to do that, i think i will disappoint Auntie Jo ~ my English tuition teacher.
Plus, English is important in our life.
We have to use it all the time.
Without a good command of English, we can't survive in this world.

No matter you agree or not, please leave me a comment!


  1. Well, as a chinese-educated "Ipohist", sometimes we just can't force ourselves to be perfectly biligual (Chinese & English).

    As a Cantonese-speaking Malaysian Chinese studying in Singapore, I will to a certain extent feel inferior to Singaporeans because of my poor English. I might always console myself to be contented with what I know now for I'm just to major in Chinese Studies. English? So what!

    I know this is a wrong mindset. English is so important for our survival in Singapore. Malaysia? Not very sure... Haha. Everyday I am trying hard to balance my English and Chinese, as in speaking or writing. I make sure I speak English to friends, while writing I use English in blogging.

    However, we shall always see ourselves being unique and special. We are different from other nations (Singaporean?). We learn many languages since young, Malay English Mandarin & dialects cantonese, hakka... bla bla bla... Yes, don't deny, we are unique. Just try your best and learn whatever you can.

    We are humans, we are not divine. Just try to speak more in daily life will help! If you want, ask me to call you in phone, I can practise English with you! You are always welcomed!