Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Congratulations!!! I am JEaLouS!!!!!!!!!

Two days ago, i was able to meet with a senior that i have known through Friendster.
During his convocation...
Frankly, i didn't really remember his face at that time.
With only a hand phone and just kept on messaging, it was hard to meet with him.
At last, he called me.
Then only, we managed to see each other.
He looks like whom i saw from Friendster.
Not much change.

But, for him, i looked different from whom he saw through Friendster.
Do i really looked different from my pictures?
Naah, i don't think so.
I am still the chubby, fat girl!!! Hahaha...
Feeling happy to meet with someone that i haven't seen before.
Plus, he is my senior.
If anything i don't know, may be i can refer to him also.
Really feel happy for him!!!
He has graduated.
I am so jealous.
I still have 3 years more to achieve that level.
How suffered will i be in these few years???
Jealous, i am so jealous!!!!
Anyway, i still want to congratulate him for his succeed.

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