Monday, December 17, 2007

SicK AgaIN...sAD

I am sick again!!!
I just hate myself for being so weak. Since i was born, i always get sick.
Sore throat, fever, cough, flu...'they' are always so 'closed' to me!
I don't know why, but 'they' just love to stick with me. I couldn't do anything except letting 'them' to torture me.
Why are 'they' coming to me again?
I hate 'them' so much!!!!
Damn fever, damn sore throat! Leave me alone!!!!

Life in Ipoh is so boring!!! (Terrible! Now i am talking bad about my hometown.)
This is my daily routine! (Give some comments, please!)
1.Fetch my mom to my grandma's house.
2.Meet out with friends.
3.Window shopping with friends.
4.Fetch my mom back home.
5.Eat and sleep.
My life seems so meaningless!
May be you will suggest me to go online.But too bad, i can't always go to CC to online. (I am almost broke!!) (Well, you can call me big spender.)

My 1st semester result is not yet out!
But why am i so nervous whenever i think about it??
May be i am just like the Singaporean, having the same personality ~ 'kiasu' or 'kiasi' style of thinking. I afraid that i couldn't get good results for this semester, then it will be harder for me to get better results in the remaining semesters. Consequently, i will not coming out as a 'first-class grad'.
How sad will i be?!

Why do i still have the energy to think all these things?
I am already too tired for this!
I just couldn't understand ?!! Haiz..


  1. sick is always torturing... i often easily feel tired nowadays.
    what is d reasons huh??? wondering...

    mayb is d boring routine like u, sleep, went out with frens, online, story books, drama series...i guess 99% of uni student who r having their holiday had oni 0.1% different in spending their time at their own hometown.

    less to think, less to worry, life is easier!! just enjoy our life... ^^

  2. a yi...
    please lah!! rest more lah...
    if u boring hor, u bec to uum lo!!!

  3. Haih, I also hate being in hometown during holidays. I promised myself not to spend more than a week in Ipoh in the future, no matter how long the holiday is. I rather spend my time in the robotic Singapore.