Saturday, December 15, 2007

Distance & Love

One of my friend broke up with her boyfriend already!!!
I don't really know the reason they broke up, but i guess 'distance' is main reason.
Many couples had broken up because of this reason.
I guess she is in the same case!
What to do to let her feel better? As her friend, i feel that i should do something.
But what can i do?
Nothing can be done by me to make her feel better. Too bad!
All that i can do now is standing beside her, give her support!

Actually i just don't understand why most of the people can't make it through when it comes to distance.
Is it that when you are far far away from your love one, all your love will disappear?
Then, what is love?
I always think that love is above all. Seems that i was wrong!
Love is just a tiny little thing.
When you don't see it, you can't feel it!
Then you will lose it! What is love???


You will always be supported by us!!!
Remember that no matter what happens, you can always count on us!
True friends are standing beside you!
'Ga Yao!'


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  2. Staying single in this age is good for us. Enjoy life and look for the best. We should congratulate her but not to feel sad, though we all know that he is such a nice guy.

    Sometimes, Love doesn't need to exist with the tag of "girlfriend" or "boyfriend". Breaking up doesn't mean Love disappears. Attaching to another doesn't mean Love really exists on the other hand. Love is abstract. You can define it, but you can hardly define its real characteristics.

    Perhaps after all she may perform better in her studies. Life will be brighter for her, with the existance of u all, a cluster of true friends.

    There is a quote saying: Love is blind. Because friends fold the eyes of him or her.