Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bye 2007!

Wow, it has come to year 2008.
Feeling so excited...
Excited to go back for school, for friends, for my knowledge.

2007 has gone.
Yet, the memories still in my mind.

I remember the day when i first saw Yen Ni and Pei San.
I remember the day i ask Yoong Pei about our course (we are taking the same course)
I remember the the day i got to know Lai Theng, Yoke Nee, and Soo Ling.
I remember Kwan Ning, Eling, Wai Yan, Pei San, Yen Ni, Lai Theng, Yoke Nee, Yoong Pei, Soo Ling, and Pei Shan were trying to surprise me on my birthday eve.
I remember when my bed sheet was conquered by a swarm of bees, then Yoong Pei, Pei San and Yen Ni helped me to 'fight' with them.
I remember the day when Eling, Pei San, Yen Ni and i were wearing baju kurung and walked to Dewan TSO for our first paper.
The memories can't be deleted from my heart.
No matter what happen, it stays there.
And it definitely will stay in my mind forever.
Very precious for me!

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  1. haha.. Gal.. I'll leave you comment when you have new post.. This one.. erm.. hehe..

    Whatever we have, we need to appreciate. We have to appreciate the process that telling us how we have gone through and become the one we are today. Look forward, and go for it. When I roller-skated that day, I really scared to fall down, then, I concentrate myself at one focus point, and I just slowly walk towards to point, one step by one step. I make it, without holding to handrill, without help from anyone, I make it. At that moment, I don't care how people look at me, I just do it. So, you can make it too!! Look forward and find your !tartget point and go for it! Just do it!! =)