Friday, December 14, 2007

FAt? faT? FaT? Do i looked.......

Do i looked slimmer????
I don't think so...
Why do people think that i am slimmer?
Do i really looked slimmer?
I really had looked slimmer than i am before.
But now, i have become more and more fat.....
I hate to become fat!!!!!
Do you know what is the feeling being called fat girl?
It actually hurts!
What to do?
U just can't do anything...( Anybody has the same feeling??)
If i don't come back to Ipoh, may be i won't become this fat.
I think.
Anyway, since that i have back to Ipoh, i think i have to adjust my lifestyle.

1 comment:

  1. Fat.
    So am I.
    Trying so hard to keep fit.

    Some really say I'm fit enough, because i exercise alot, until my muscles are actually more than my fat.

    But so sad.
    Still I can't look good in beautiful dress.

    Fat. Fat. Fat.
    That's what I keep telling myself.

    What to do?
    Keep healthy will do.
    A slim pretty Yeng Yeng with gastritis doesn't look good at all. So remember take good care of your health first.

    Congratulations. You really look prettier and slimmer than ever. I'm jealous. But I wish you always stay that attractive and charming. Ganbate!