Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't read this!

This is no good.
I am too stressed in this few days.
I am exhausted!
I am totally out of energy.
I feel so tired.
I just don't have the mood to study!
No one can help me, i think.
No one........
I need nobody.
I am not sure.........
I have been asking people's help all this while, especially after i got into university.
Why am i so useless?
I thought i am good, but may be i have overlooked at myself.
I am not good enough to be considered as good.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Yeng Yeng! Such a contradiction! Why? Suddenly you are full of energy and spirit!! Suddenly you say you are all in... Are you okay?

    Please please don't give up so easily... Come on, just endure few more days, then you will be free! Hmm... I still have to drag out until 5th Dec, my last paper man :( Though I think I will "sweet surrender", still I try to the best I can... I have no choice. Exams are killing but we still have to go on. Try to take ample sleep and exercise man!!

    Gah yao!!!