Sunday, November 18, 2007


Recently, i have been busy with my exam. Two days later, i will have to face with MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING. (a subject which scares me a lot) That why i am busy doing a lot of exercises. Accounting is not a difficult subject, but it is a subject which requires a lot of practices. Me, as a person who has never had a basic in this accounting field, will have to work harder than the others to get a good results in this subject. Hopefully, with my hard work, i may at least get an A- in this subject. (A- is good but A is the best.....HAHA)

After managerial accounting, i will have another 2 subject waiting for me ( basics of entrepreneurship & social science). Basics of entrepreneurship is on the 21th of Nov which is the day after my managerial accounting. I am quite worried since i feel that i won't have enough time to study it thoroughly. SWEAT, MAN! Anyway, i just want to release my tension through blogging. Life still goes on.
'Ga Yao!!!!!!!!!' DON'T GIVE UP!

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