Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Don't post comment for this post

I just finished my account exam.
All is over!
Nothing can be changed now.
There is one thing that can be changed-------my thought
May be i should be happy ....
Since it has over.
Yet, i can't do it.
I am sad.
I am damn sad.
I don't believe that i couldn't finish my paper.
I just couldn't believe this.
Why is this happening?
I am sure that i knew how to do the questions. (Should i feel happy?)
Yet, i got no time to finish them all. (I am angry with myself!)
I didn't manage my time properly, i know.
What to do?
Now i can't change anything.

To anybody who see this post:

Please don't post any comment to me!
Please don't ask me why!
Just don't do it!
You can look at it!
You can even scold me!
But please don't write comment for me!

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