Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Asking to myself; Answering to myself

Here i am. I am talking to myself!!!!!!

Dear Yeng Yeng,

How are you today?
Are you happy today?
Anything that makes you feel unhappy?
What is your energy level?

Dear Yeng Yeng,

I am replying to what you have asked just now.
I am fine today.
I am not that happy today.
My college has no water due to some pipe construction at Jitra.
My energy level has increase from yesterday's 0% to today's 10%.

I am still not feeling good.
I am worry for my father. He hurt his leg during work.
Hope that he can fully recover as soon as possible.


1 comment:

  1. Well my dear friend, you are not talking to yourself!! You have me who always check out for your latest post in your blog! I just wanna know what has happened to my best friend, to share your worries and happiness!

    Right, sad to hear that your dad is injured again. Please send my deepest greetings to Uncle wishing him get well soon and take care all the while! And my friend please dont worry so much as it may affect your mood to study. If you worry just try to call him more often, as local call is damn cheap in Msia (compared to mine that I have to make international call!). So don't hesitate to call back always as they miss u much also.

    Cheer up in studies! Mugging time for us! I look forward to seeing u again in Msia on December!! Lets hang out in a big gang and have fun! Muaks!