Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Never give up! Life is beautiful!

Lately,i have been facing with lots of tension. I have just taken the first subject for my final exam yesterday. The subject that scares me the most - TAMADUN ISLAM DAN TAMADUN ASIA.

Actually, i don't understand the purpose for us taking this subject. I personally think that it is weird for us - the Non-Muslim, to learn this subject. I know that many have the same feeling too. But no matter how we dislike it, we are forced to accept the truth that we need to read it!

Well, all this is over!!!!!!!

What i have to do now is just get myself be prepared for the coming papers. When i have the heart to do it, i strongly feel that it will become a success. Now i just pray that i am still able to keep my 'fire' of studying.

Anything is possible for me, as long as i have the heart to do it. And now, i have the heart!!!

Good luck to me!!!!!!!!! Never ever give up!!!!!!!

GoGo Nicki!!!!!!!!

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  1. Glad to access to your new blog!! You are getting more and more IT-updated!! yeah yeah!! Keep it up!! All the best in your exams!! So to me! I will always read your latest post, so you should visit mine as well!!