Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Losing memory

Seems that i am currently facing a huge problem - bad memory.
It's the payback time for my lost-control life during my holiday.
I admit, i really had been eating many instant noodles while i was at home.
I changed my life style.
From a typical human life to a ghost's life?!
Human is suppose to be active in daytime, isn't it?
But for me, daytime is just nice to be in bed.
I actually became a bat?! I will just stay awake until 6 or 7am then only i went to bed.
I should be blaming myself for not taking good care of myself.
It is my responsibility to take care of myself and prepare myself for the next round.
Now that i had ruin my health, i should stop saying those nonsense. It is meaningless now!
I keep losing my memory, even though it just happened a few minutes ago.
What can i do now to recover back my memory???
What else can i do?

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