Friday, February 20, 2009

Public Speaking

Public Speaking, is not as easy as i think.
I have been talking in front of people all this while, during my class presentations.
Or, that day i was rather lucky to get the lecturer's attention, then only he would asked me to stand in front of the class and gave a talk...
It is actually a piece of cake for me to talk to the whole class by just using some simple words and the lacking presentation skills.
It is damn easy i can tell you!!!

Hey, but i have a question here!!
Why did i shiver during my first class presentation for my Public Speaking class?
In fact, if we look at the size of the class, it was rather small i think.
27 students including me.
I did talk spontaneously in front of an almost 100-student class, but i failed in a class consisting of ONLY 27 people, including the gorgeous lecturer, Ms. Eny.
It is ridiculous, i tell you!!!

By the way, i am now preparing my outline for my second speech, persuasive speech...
Hopefully, i will not be getting all these problems during my presentation...

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