Saturday, November 10, 2007

LIfe is like this!

Nothing is impossible!

I was told that students of my semester (Semester 1 student) are required to move to other colleges in a different area. Since our university is implementing what so called TRANSITION. It is an implementation of changing of 15 faculties into 3 colleges. Under this implementation, students of different faculties will be grouped into 3 main colleges. According to the authorities, this implementation is to help students to know and learn more of their courses. Since people of the same course will be grouped together in one college,students are easier to meet with with their course mates. It is true that we will find easier to meet with our course mates for discussion and doing assignment. Nevertheless, by doing this, we will not able to learn more things. Taking me as an example. I am taking BA of Entrepreneurship but a few of my seniors are taking Management of Technology, Multimedia Technology and more. I can always ask them things that are not in my course. I really learn different things from them.

Learning is not just learning one particular thing, but it is all. We as human being are not able to know all the things in this world. But no matter what, we are still able to learn as much as we can. This is LIFE.....

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  1. Well you can always think it in another way. If you have the determination to learn other things, you would walk no matter how far the distance is to another college seeking your seniors for the solutions.

    Everything has its reverse side. Well, changes have to be accepted. Just try to be flexible and don't be always frustrated because frustration makes ladies age faster!! Well, do you know many singaporean student actually travel 4 hours of bus travel (pergi-balik) everyday from their home to school from the east to the west?? It is such a waste of time. Money can buy a degree, but knowledge is priceless.

    All the best and we should work hard together!!