Sunday, November 11, 2007


My mood to study lost again......
I have lots and lots of books to be studied. However. i just don't have the mood or energy to study.

I still have 5 subjects in my final exam. Managerial Maths, Priciples of Economy, Managerial of Accounting, Basics of Entrepreneurship and Social Science. I just don't have enough time to study each of them thoroughly. Now i have just finish studied my managerial maths, and a few chapthers in the principles of economy. I just don't understand why am i so lazy!!!!! It makes me really frustrated.....

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  1. Hahaha, great and tough question. Just do as what as in the sms you sent me! Take a mirror and reflect your own face! Until you really feel that you are "yeung sui" enough that other than studying you can't do anything to earn a living for your future!! Hahaha! It is reasonable and effective to a certain extend to me you know!!

    Again, frustration makes ladies age faster. But, don't ever supress it, otherwise we will age even promptly! So, find a way to release it, do something beyond your daily routine. As like me, that day I studied until pretty dizzy. Right after my dinner I took my camera along and walked around my hostel. Eventually you know what I did that night? I climbed 13-level stairs just to have a view of Singapore port. The scene was really great and fascinating! Feeling contented, I then went back to study again...