Thursday, October 7, 2010

Till Season4

Finally, I've finish watched TLW Season 4.
There is someone who makes me feel annoyed!
JENNY, she is the one. What she wrote was terrible and her act was like setting all her friends up. Jenny? Jessie? Bette? Bev? Tina? Nina? Damn it!!!
I just can't bear with it.(Although this is only her character in TLW, i still not able to accept it.) What a GOOD FRIEND, huh?! =_=

Start to like Helena, she has a great and nice body shape. However, her life seems miserable when she was "addicted" to gaming after she met with Catherine. WTF! Losing money and losing her pride as a woman. I mean she was like a maid when she lived with Catherine. Catherine is treating Helena as a/an ________? Shit!! How can she do this to Helena!!!!????

Tasha and Alice, a sweet couple before Tasha was asked to go back to Iraq. Can't forget their sex scene, which was really hot and sexy. Anyway, there was a surprise when DANA showed up in a few minutes in the last episode of Season 4. I miss DANA soooooo much~~~

Gonna stop watching TLW for a short period...Preparing for assignments and gatherings are more important...LOLZ

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