Saturday, August 28, 2010

I miss Dana...T__T

Where should I start for this post? Well, you know what......I guess I am just being emotional because of Dana's death. Kinda upset when Dana finally lost in the battle of Cancer and she left the world without company by anyone, not even her best friend - Alice. Dana has been my favorite role in The L Word since the first season. I will sure miss her T___T

Actually, there is really an interesting issue in the third season. It's regarding the transition of a female to become a male. Casting by Daniela Sea, Moira or Max has really grabbed my attention. In the series, Kit says to Moira that she will lose the most gifted thing of her by turning to be a man. I remember the gist of the conversation - the transition will perish Moira chance being a woman, which is the most precious thing for a woman. Kit's saying is true for me! Being a woman is good and women do experience more than men do, such as having menstruation. There is a saying "No Pain, No Gain", isn't it?!(Well, I think it apply to the menstrual matter here :P)

By the way, though I had been told by X something concerning Shane and Carmen's relationship. It won't be long-lasting as I wish to, I guess. Nevertheless, I am still excited and looking forward to watch for Shane-Carmen's wedding ceremony. So touched when both Shane and Carmen were blessed by their family members. If this is to happen in Malaysia, I bet there will be one out of hundreds who will get bless from his/her family. Majority of the Asians can be drawn an equal sign to Conservative Mindset. Well, I am not criticizing anybody. In fact, I am just giving out facts and reality of the society.

Guess that I have talked too much, so I will keep my mouth shut until I come across with other interesting or argumentative matters. Till then, I won't talk about anything else, except that I will miss Dana very much. T____T

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