Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's time for English, isn't it?

I should improve my English.
I need to improve my English, written and oral as well.
Since I have made it into UUM, i realized that my English is become poorer and poorer.
I have less chance to converse in English and to write in English.
Academic projects and assignments are mostly in Malay.
Plus, I am a lazy person who is not willing to buy English newspapers everyday.
This is a certain situation for a lazy and lost-passion person -- English proficiency has been lowering.

Sighing. Yet, doing nothing.
HELLO! You there, please wake up!!
Wake up from your sleep, your dream!!
It's time for ENGLISH, dear~


  1. ya .. i feel the same, years ago...
    in fact, recently i was also thinking of starting a blog in english... still in the planning stage..hahaha..^^

  2. To leeling,

    0.o really?
    looking forward for your English blog..^^