Wednesday, September 23, 2009

There are both myself!!

"What is the time now?" Nicki A asked.

"3.21am" Nicki B answered, in such a simple way.

"Well, i just finished a cup of Old Town Hazelnut Coffee. And guess what, i am feeling so....sleepy!!" Nicki A just finished the last sip, and replied.

"Nah, then u should get another cup of coffee!!"

"Nope! I won't get myself another cup! " her voice was very certain.

"Then what do you want now?" Nicki B was frustrated. She can't stand Nicki A's attitude anymore!

"I am sorry. I just need time to calm down."

Your eyes are in good condition. Please don't be afraid!
There are both myself!!
I have 2 voices in my mind now!!
Desperately, i lost control of my mind...Gosh!

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