Thursday, June 12, 2008

Going back to SMI

yOoNg pEi & YEng yeNg

Today, Yoong Pei and i went back to St. Michael Institution. Our main purpose is to find our teachers, and share with them our university life. Too bad, we just managed to find some teachers only. Well, i must admit that i really forgot some of the teachers' names. (Sorry, my memory isn't good AT ALL!!) Luckily, we were able to chit-chat with some of our teachers.

Mrs. Tan Eng Sim~~~ She wasn't able to recognize neither one of us. However, according to her, she remembers me. But then, for Yoong Pei, she just feel that she is familiar to her. This made Yoong Pei quite upset, because she cares whether teachers remember her or not. Sorry, Yoong Pei!! May be you were not as 'keh poh' as i was during school days!!!

Pn. Geetha~~~
Hmm...she still looked as loving as she was. I miss her smile, so nice! So nice of her still remembering me!!!

Pn. Ratan~~~
Ohhhh....haha, of cause, she still remembers me!! In fact, i think she really has a good memory of her students or former students. I actually feel blessed because i had her as my Maths teacher when i was in Form6. Maths is extremely important for each and everyone of us, no matter who you are or which field you are in. Well, i really want to thank her for teaching me Maths. Thanks, Pn. Ratan.

Last, but not least.....
Mr. Karu~~~
Hmm...a strict but kind teacher! He was very busy since the moment we got into the earth of SMI. God Blessed!!! Finally, he was able to sit down and had a talk with both of us. Haha...i must admit that he looked handsome when he laughs. Really, if you get the chance to see that, you will know what i mean. I feel happy to be able to chat with him and of cause, sharing some uni experience with him...

I am so happy to get back to see my teachers....
Yeah Yeah!!!

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