Thursday, May 8, 2008

VuLNeRAbLe...NoT mE!

I have never been so disappointed like what i feel right now.
Finance, i thought i can beat you.
But now, i am sure that you have beaten me.
You make me tired, you make me suffered.
I thought i can aim for an A, but now even B+ also become my dream.
Just a DREAM.
Now, the dream has gone far far away from me.
I thought i am vulnerable, but it seems that i am not.


  1. erm, vulnerable meaning easy to be hurt 易受伤害. You said you are not vulnerable meaning you are very strong and not easily hurt? Sorry I didn't get your meaning. But don't think about it so much already since it has passed. I also thought my Chinese can get A, but after the final exam I just could blame myself. But now no point crying over spilled milk.

  2. opps...sorry ar.
    my mistake.
    i must be so sad until crazy di.