Monday, April 21, 2008


Feeling sooooooooo.......worry!
Worry about everything!
Worry for her!
Worry for myself!
Worry for others!

First, worry for HER!
She is so stubborn.
It is so clear that she is not feeling well.
When we asked her, she denied it.
Today, we forced her to go to see doctor.
At first, she refused. STUBBORN!
Then, when we showed her our 'power', she was taken by us.
Walking to PKU, under a rather hot sun, i pity her.
But then, what to do?
Have to go, by hook or by crook.
When we reach there, we were like....shit,it is closed!
What to do? Have to wait for it to be opened.
She kept on asking Pei San and me to go back.
Didn't want to waste our time...STUBBORN
So, how can i not worry for her?

Second, worry for MYSELF!
I don't have the passion to study.
Until now, non.
I know that i should have started my revision much earlier.
But then, i can't.
I just don't know why.
Everyday, my life is like meaningless.
Why am i describing it as meaningless?
Well, you may digest it yourself.
Wake up - Eat - Study(for a short period only) - Sleep(again) - Eat(again) - Study(much much shorter period) - Eat(don't know what for i eat so much) - Sleep(this time i will sleep until the next day)

Third, worry for OTHERS!
This is me! BUSYBODY..
Even when things are non of my business, i still want to know.
When i got to know others problems, i would want to be involved(like a 'geh po').
Sometimes, give some suggestions.
Sometmes, let myself be involved, physically.
I am BUSYBODY. Definitely.

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