Wednesday, March 5, 2008

BaD dAy

Today is the worst day in my life.
A day with hundreds of mistakes.
A day with thousands of errors.
A day that makes me heart-broken.
I am not sure what had made my life so terrible today.
I just know that, today is not my day.
And i am 100% confirm with this.
Making 2 major errors that cannot be forgiven.
I paid off.
I don't want to be with my friends.
I am afraid that their emotions will be affected by me.
I am sad, but i want they all be happy.
When they look at me, they will be worried for me.
For sure.
That's why i am trying to hiding myself.
Avoiding to be seen.
You might say "You stupid! What for hiding yourself? It can't help!"
I agree, to the first part.
I am stupid.
i still think that by hiding myself,
at least others won't be affected by my negative emotions.
I care for my friends.
And i know, so do they.
I don't want them to worry for me.
I choose to run away.
It is better,
for you,
for me,
when you can't find me.
I mean it.

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