Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy CNY? Sad CNY? Busy CNY?

I think i am going to be crazy during this Chinese New Year.
No mood, no time, no money, no do something i wish to do but i can't do.
I can't enjoy my Chinese New Year.
Lots of assignment to do!
Lots of book to be read!
Lots of things to be done!!!
My life seems doesn't belong to me anymore.
I have lost the control power.
I have lost myself.
True, i lost the part inside of me, my soul...
Physically, i am considered alright.
Mentally, i am totally lost.
There is so much to be done. Yet, i don't know what should i do.
My 2008 new year wish is to find myself.
But look, what happen to me???
I can feel my changes, i can't find myself!
What's going on???
Changes might be good for me, yet i don't know whether should i be happy with all these changes.

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