Friday, November 23, 2007


I went out for dinner at Changlun last night. I enjoyed my dinner very much since i got to eat pork last night. (Haha... I miss pork very much....)

I managed to eat 'ku lou yuk' last night... But the thing is, the 'ku lou yuk' in Changlun is not like the one i always eat in Ipoh. Instead of the tomato sauce that we used to eat in Ipoh, this one is 'black' color. Different places using the same name for a different food. If i don't go out to eat outside, i think i won't know this thing forever. How 'palia' i am? (If you don't know what is palia, ask your 'Hokkien' friends!) Haha..

UUM students, always go out to Changlun for food. This is a reality!!!

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